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Quote, compare, and enroll on any device.

Quickly find the right plan for each client. Compare the rates and benefits of their current plan with those of upcoming plans. Add their doctors and see the network status across all plans. It’s like but better!

Find savings & coverage for prescription drugs.

Managing all of your client’s prescriptions can get really messy. With Simply Enroll, you get a “drug cabinet” for each client to ensure coverage and find potential savings.

Earn additional income by using the platform.

Health Risk Assessments (HRA) and Value-Based Care (VBC) are built into the platform. Help your clients find quality care and get paid beyond your commission.

Meet your clients where they feel comfortable.

Text for signature, save session codes, send customized shopping links, record phone calls, and more. No matter how your clients communicate – you can accommodate.  

Voice Scope (SOA) and Voice Signature

When on a recorded call using Simply Enroll’s voice recording solution, the platform automatically gives you the option to complete a compliant Voice Scope.

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"Simply Enroll has been a lifesaver when out in the field. I use it to enroll clients so that they can get their Welcome Kit and member ID card faster than by fax. Inputting the information is faster and easier than filling out a paper application, and it keeps me doing what I should be doing – closing and moving onto the next appointment.”
Daniel Rodriguez, Medicare Broker

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